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Let's Get Growing

Gardens, flowers, vegetables and outdoor sunshine

Create a beautiful place to gather by having our planter pots enhance your home. Providing instant color, unique greenery with flowers blooming all season long. 

Custom Planter Pots

Bring in your empty pots, have us design with colors you love, according to your sun or shade needs. 

Ready Made Planter Pots

Available in May choose a pre planted unique combination for your porch patio or gathering space. MORE...

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Nothing beats the flavor of a vine ripe tomato picked fresh from your garden. 

Or a crisp tasty cucumber in a green salad on a hot summer's day.

To make these fresh vegetables available for you, we start our vegetable plant process in the cold days of winter. Extending your growing season so you can enjoy your harvest sooner.

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Create your oasis with vibrant colors, the smell of fresh flowers, while attracting new wildlife.

With us growing our own bedding plants every year we are able to select the colors and varieties that are proven to do the best in Utah's climate. While bringing in some new and exciting choices every year.

Todays petunias come in a variety of colors and shades to mix and match to your liking, along with a vast selection of annual flowers 

"... I would recommend Schmidt's Greenhouse to anyone who is looking for beautiful healthy flower. They Grow the best" -Shirley  MORE...

Trees & Shrubs

The best time to plant a tree? 5 years ago

The second best time? Today 

Plant beautiful, full trees to provide you and your home with cool refreshing shade, a natural source of privacy habitats for wildlife and sweet delicious fruit. 

We carry a wide selection of trees and shrubs with a knowledgeable staff to assist you in finding the tree best for you and your yard. MORE...

Have you ever relaxed by a mountain stream listening to the cool rushing water? You can have the same relaxation in your backyard!

A fountain, big or small can provide the perfect ambiance for your next get together

Spending quality time in the backyard enjoying a meal with your family starts with a few good pieces of yard decor.

Adding charm, movement, and personality to your space. We carry a unique selection of decor to enhance your garden, patio, and more. Our goal is to help you create a unique and inviting place to gather. MORE... 

Having run ins with your family and friends about your houseplant addiction? Let them know that while plants bring shelter and food houseplants are unique in providing beauty all year long. 

 Let them know the benefits to having houseplants around. They bring:

  • Joy and Satisfaction
  • Tropical scents 
  • Air purification 
  • Lower stress levels 

Keep your collection alive with everything from exoctic plants to low maintenance ones, perfect for the first time plant owner.  MORE...

Plants need food! More than just water, houseplants, vegetable plants, trees, and all growing things will need the proper nutrients to grow large and full.

We carry fertilizers and soil amendments to help your foliage grow. 

One person's plant is another's pests' home, let us know what pests you are dealing with and we will find the best solution for you. 

Contact our greenhouse with any questions you may have. MORE...

The roots of our family and business go back to farming, and that's still true today. We continue to grow fruits and vegetables in the middle of an urban jungle.

Our vision is to continue the legacy of our ancestors who worked the land right here in the Salt Lake Valley by continuing to grow and provide  quality produce and opportunities. 

You can find our fresh local produce from August- November around the valley find a location closest to you. MORE PRODUCE...

Schmidt's all began by growing and selling sweet corn on the side of the road. We are farmers through and through and hope we can share our experiences, knowledge and products with our community, the same way our family did 100 years ago.

Why shop at Schmidt's?

We are family owned and operated. Producing healthy plants that we know through tried and true experience do well in our climate. Though times and techniques have changed, our mission is still the same. To provide you with quality experiences and the products you need to be successful.  

Plants power our life, and everything around us. From shelter, nourishment, medicine,and food plants are essential to our existence.  But one of the best things plants do is they bring us peace and joy. 

The Greenhouse

Plants power your life with herbs you can take your garden to the next level.

Help yourself, garden and helpful insects. Add spice to your home and favorite dish. While growing fresh leaves for your favorite medicinal tea

Take your garden to the next level by interplanting with herbs. With a wide selection of fresh herbs to help your space be more productive. 

We carry a large variety of herbs

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